[N] Owner] oGwola a posted Apr 1, 17


Hello there! Welcome to the Orion-Network Tekkit Classic server! We are here to provide you with

the best Tekkit Classic experience possible. Our staff is 110% dedicated to helping you

out with any problems you may possibly recieve in game. If no staff is on at the time please leave

us a message on the forums or join the Orion Discord for a faster response!


We have had a lot of new editions to the server lately to make your time with us just a bit more enjoyable!

To start we have added a updated version of the Companies plugin which brings a long

a whole new experience of getting to run your own company! Play tekkit like never before! Reach

out with your company and control the economy with this amazing new plugin!

However! This is just one of our new features! We have now added a Custom Vote Crate Plugin, and a 

awesome Vote Party plugin! Both of these plugins are to reward our awesome players for supporting the

server through voting (Voting for the sever tremednously helps Orion-Tekkit!). 

---===[Coming Soon!]===---

We have a suprise! Within the upcoming weeks we will be releasing a new way for you to recieve donator

ranks without actually spending real money! This will be done by holding in game contests! These contests we

have a multitude of different things you may need to do. It could range from factories with the fastest

amount of product per minute, or fighting to the death in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! The contests will be 

different every month and each contest will have different rewards!

---===[Thank you!]===---

Well its that time! I would love to say thank you to all of our loyal players for supporting our server

through our journey from the beginning till now! We have come so far thanks to our amazing players. We

could not have done it with out you! Our team will continue to provide the best possible gaming experience possible for you!

Very Respectfully,